Acceptable Identification List to Obtain Vital Records


Identification is required for all non-public Vital Records.  Mailed requests must include an enlarged and easily identifiable photocopy of your identification from the list below or your application will be returned.


If using a form of identification from the “Primary” column, one form of identification is required.  If using a form of identification from the “Secondary” column, two forms of identification are required.



(Need  1)


(Need  2)

Government Issued Photo Drivers License

Government  Issued Photo Identification

Government Issued Work Identification

Employment Card

U.S. Military Identification Card

Tribal Identification Card

Pilot License

Alien Registration Card

Permanent Resident Card

Temporary Resident Card

U.S. Passport

Foreign Passport

U.S. Certification of Naturalization

Certificate of U.S. Citizenship

U.S. Citizen Identification Card

Matricula Consular Card

Concealed Weapon Permit

Mexican Voter Registration Card

Jail/Prison Release Form (with picture)

 Work Identification/Paycheck/W-2

 School, University or College Identification Card

 Voter Registration Card

 Social Security Card

 U.S. Military Separation/DD-214

 Motor Vehicle Registration/Title

 Marriage License (not issued by Utah State Vital Records)

 Court Order or Court Documents

 Jail/Prison Documents

 Probation Documents

 Property Tax Receipt

 Veterans Universal Access Identification Card

 Selective Service Card

 Hunting/Fishing License

 Insurance Card or Documents

 Utility Bill

 Business License

 Professional License

We Cannot Accept:

•         Novelty Identification Card

•         Driving Privilege Card

If you cannot provide acceptable identification you may have a spouse, parent, grandparent, sibling, or adult child who can provide appropriate identification request the certificate.  Proof of relationship may be required.

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