Environmental Health

San Juan County has a wonderful environment, clean air, clean water, thousands of acres of unspoiled public lands to enjoy. San Juan Public Health’s Division of Environmental Health is here to help you. Please browse through the many programs offered here, consultations are free. Remember consultations and questions are answered for free.


For Environmental Health Information Contact:


Rick Meyer (Director of Environmental Health): 435-359-0038 ext. 1003/ rmeyer@sanjuancounty.org


Ronnie Nieves (Assistant Health Inspector) 435-359-0038 ext. 1005/ rnieves@sanjuancounty.org


Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 9:00AM – 4:00PM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday, Closed Major Holidays



Environmental Quality

Water Quality


One of the many responsibilities of San Juan Public Health is monitoring water quality issues associated with specific public health concerns. Lakes, rivers, streams, ground water, standing water, surface water, etc. are monitored for possible problems associated with E. Coli, Mercury, Harmful Algal Blooms and other public health concerns. The Utah State Department of Environmental Quality donated laboratory equipment to San Juan Public Health so that this type of water can be tested and monitored locally.


Drinking Water


San Juan Public Health’s Environmental Director works with the State of Utah and the department of Environmental Quality to inspect drinking water systems at public campgrounds, schools and municipalities in San Juan County ensuring regulations are followed and safeguarding the health of residents and visitors alike. In addition to public water testing, San Juan Public Health certifies private wells and provides private water chemistry testing.


   ⦁    Drinking Water (per water sample)    $30.00


   ⦁    Well Certification      $75.00 plus mileage


Mileage: $0.54 per mile round trip for locations more than 15 miles from Monticello or Blanding.


For more information or to schedule an inspection call 435-359-0038 during regular business hours.




Waste Water


All septic waste water systems in San Juan County are inspected and permitted by San Juan Public Health. In addition to inspections, records of septic systems within the county are maintained and provided to residents upon request.


   ⦁    Individual waste water system permits   $300.00 plus mileage


   ⦁    Waste water system recertification   $75.00 plus mileage


   ⦁    Septic System Records Search Fee   $25.00


Mileage: $0.54 per mile round trip for locations more than 15 miles from Monticello or Blanding.


For more information or to schedule an inspection call 435-359-0038 during regular business hours.



Air Quality


San Juan Public Health investigates and monitors air quality issues such as asbestos, lead based paint, smoke, dust, and other air quality concerns. Consultations and questions are answered for free. For air quality concerns, contact our office during regular business hours at 435-359-0038



Waste Management


In an effort to protect the public and the environment from exposure to contamination caused by the improper treatment, storage and disposal of waste, San Juan Public Health ensures compliance with waste management regulations including hazardous waste, radiation control, solid waste, used oil and used tires.


Response and Remediation


San Juan Public Health is charged with protecting the public health of San Juan County’s environment through investigating chemically contaminated sites to ensure proper cleanup, and inspecting underground storage tanks to ensure proper use.


For more information or to schedule an inspection call 435-359-0038 during regular business hours.


Permits & Inspections

Protecting the citizens and visitors of San Juan County by enforcing food safety regulations is a primary role of San Juan Public Health.


To ensure that food is handled appropriately for the safety of the public, San Juan Public Health requires all individuals preparing, serving, or handling food in or around a food service establishment or mobile food unit (whether the individuals are compensated or not) to receive adequate food service training, either as a certified food handler or as a certified food safety manager.


Food Handler Permits


Food Handler Permits are obtained by taking an approved Utah Food Handler Training course. There are some approved on-line vendors for taking the course and San Juan Public Health offers live trainings.


   ⦁    Food Handler Permit fee (valid for 3 years)  $20.00


   ⦁    Food Handler Permit replacement card   $ 5.00


To schedule a live training for your group or to enroll in an upcoming live training, contact San Juan Public Health during regular business hours at 435-359-0038.


For an online class any of the vendors listed below are approved to provide the Utah training. Fees may vary but generally range between $20 and $30. All food handler permits are valid for three years. Once you complete the training and pass the exam, you will receive your Food Handlers Permit Card in the mail.


Food Service Permits


Food service establishments in San Juan County are inspected regularly to prevent exposure to food born illness and enhance food safety for the public. Food service establishments must obtain permits through San Juan Public Health prior to opening and all food service establishments must renew their permits annually. Partial year and temporary food service permits are also available. Food trucks are also required to obtain a permit food service permit.


   ⦁    Initial annual food service establishment permit    $350.00


   ⦁    Annual food service establishment renewal permits  $100.00


   ⦁    Seasonal food service establishment permit (5 months)  $50.00


   ⦁    Temporary food service permit (3 days)    $20.00

Additional Health Inspections & Permits


The environmental health director regularly inspects day-care facilities, swimming pools, hotels and motels to protect the public from possible health hazards.


Public swimming pools and hot-tubs are inspected monthly. Residential and commercial day care facilities are inspected and issued permits. Regular inspections are conducted at hotels and motels. And anyone wishing to operate body-art, cosmetology, massage or tanning facilities in San Juan County are subject to inspection by and must have a permit from the health department.


These permits and regular inspections help ensure that our public is safe and protected from diseases and hazardous agents commonly spread in such facilities.


   ⦁    Swimming Pool Annual Permit    $100.00


   ⦁    Swimming Pool Inspections (per water sample)  $40.00


   ⦁    Day Care Inspection     $30.00


   ⦁    Mass Gathering Permit (per event)   $500.00


   ⦁    Cosmetology/Body Art/Tanning/Massage/Hotels & Motels require plan review and special permits.


For more information or to schedule an inspection call 435-359-0038 during regular business hours


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