Helpful Hint: Rule of Three

Three Minutes – You can survive about three minutes in unsafe air.

  • Ensure that the atmosphere in your home is safe by having a working carbon monoxide detector.

Three Hours You can survive about three hours at a dangerous temperature.

  • Protect your family with winter clothes, blankets and an alternate heat source when cold emergencies arise
  • Ensure you have a way to stay cool and hydrated in a heat-related emergency.

Three Days – You can survive about three days without water.

  • Store at least a two-week supply of clean water—Two gallons per day per person. This would be 28 gallons per person for 2 weeks.

Three Weeks – You can survive about three weeks without food.

  • Purchases a food thermometer. Hot foods should stay hotter than 140 degrees F and cold foods should be kept below 40 degrees F.


All Hazards Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Guide


For further information, contact a Emergency Response Coordinator.


Ronnie Nieves

Emergency Response Coordinator



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