Board of Health

Purpose of the District

San Juan Public Health SSD shall be responsible for providing directly, or indirectly, basic public health services consisting of, but not limited to, public health administration and support services, maternal and child health, communicable disease control, surveillance, epidemiology, health education, food protection, solid waste management, wastewater management, safe drinking water management, and provide leadership support for major emergency catastrophes and events.

1. The board shall have power to:

    a. Exercise all authority as outlined in Utah Code Ann, ยง 26A-1-101., as amended;

    b. Give direction and advice to local public health servants regarding public and environmental health issues;

    c. Assist in public and environmental health needs identification, assessment, and prioritization;

    d. Evaluate the effectiveness of health programs;

    e. Encourage and facilitate cooperation and coordination between various social, education, and health service       providers in the community;

     f. Advise and make recommendations to the Health Officer;

    g. Provide public relations informations to the community-at-large;

    h. Provide recommendations to and approval of budgets, salary schedules, personnel policies and procedures, and related issues.

    i. Approve fee schedule as recommended by the Health Officer.


2. The Board and San Juan Public Health shall have and exercise in addition to all the other powers and duties imposed on it by law, the powers and duties as outlined in Section  26A-1-109 of the Utah Code.


3. The Board may adopt rules, regulations, and standards, not in conflict with rules of departments of State Government, necessary for the promotion of public health, environmental health quality, injury control, and the prevention of outbreaks and spread of communicable and infectious diseases, which shall have the effect of law. Such rules, regulations and standards when adopted shall supersede existing local rule, regulations, standards, and ordinances pertaining to similar subject matter.


Meeting Times


Board Members

KD Perkins

- Chairman

Suzette Morris

- Vice Chair

Phillip Lyman


Debbie Benally

Gary Suttlemyre

Dr. Phillip L. Smith


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Our mission is to protect and promote the health of all San Juan County residents by preventing illness and injury, establishing and promoting healthy environments, advocating policy based on scientific knowledge of issues relating to public health, promoting services which address personal health and well-being, informing and educating the community regarding issues of public health, and providing a committed, educated and effective public health professional work force.